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We Revolutionize Firearm Shipping and Reduce Costs

Ship Outdoors was founded by firearm industry veterans with one goal: to use our knowledge to completely dominate the firearm shipping industry. With our service you’ll no longer be forced to pay outrageous shipping costs, monthly fees or use confusing software.

You're in Good Company

1000+ Dealers currently ship over 250,000 packages per year using Ship Outdoors to save up to 70% on labels and making shipping easier for their FFL. Are you ready to join them?

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How it Works

Using our website or api, simply setup a payment method then begin generating UPS shipping labels! Registration is free and you will never be charged unless you choose to puchase a label. There are no subscription fees!

Please check with UPS to confirm scheduling pickups or drop off centers.

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Our Services

Handgun 2 Day Air Shipping as low as $14

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Rifle Ground Shipping as low as $10

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Ship Quick and Cheap

Our service was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and inexpensive. Tracking and notifications keep you and your customers updated.

Easy To Use

Generate Labels through our website or use our simple API integration. Integrate into your website shopping carts, point of sale, or any other systems to automate shipping.

Awesome Support Team

If you have any issues or need help, we’d love to help you. Whether you’re tech savvy or not, you will love our service!

Cheapest Shipping Around

Using our industry connections and volume we’re able to get you the lowest possible prices on common shipping services used by the firearms industry through UPS. These savings are up to 70% cheaper than you would receive with your own UPS account. Shipping firearms to your customers costs a lot of money, and involves a lot of red tape. With our service you can ship in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the price.

Register in minutes and begin using our shipping services immediately.

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Easy to integrate

Whether you’re a novice with a computer or you have a team of developers, you can easily use our system.

For those looking for a turnkey shipping option, we offer a simple web based solution that will serve all your shipping needs. If you’ve used overpriced shipping solutions online in the past, our low cost and easy system will be a breath of fresh air.

If you’ve got a little technical skill, our API integration will allow you to directly integrate into your e-commerce and point of sale systems.

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Are you ready to save money on shipping?

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